International Journalism

International news coverage is one of my main areas of expertise. I discovered this field when I found that the Munich shootings from July 2016 were being reported as another radical Islamic terrorist attack in ten different countries in four different continents within three hours of the emergency call, even though absolutely nothing was known about the shooter’s motives at that point. For years I have been regularly following media in five languages. In a matter of hours, I can find out what the world thinks about any given topic.


Whisky and Beer

Beer and even more so Whisky have become two of my favorite topics to read and write about over the last few years. They may seem to contrast my usual topics of interest, but truly combine all areas that fascinate me: From legal, to economical and historical contexts. But more importantly, they unite my interest in natural science and engineering and my love for quality gourmet products.



Political journalism is the reason I started writing, and my interest in political discussion is why I studied political science. I have detailed knowledge of German politics, parliamentary and electoral procedures, constitutional law and political history, and I know the first and second row key players of the last 10-15 years. Aside from that I closely follow italian, french, and US-american politics.



It may sound like a platitude, but understanding History really is the key to understanding the present, which is why historical journalism is immensely important for a more profound comprehension of today's conflicts and realities. Personally, I am particularly interested in the English Middle Ages and 20th century German history, but the beauty of studying historical methods in university is that my skills can be applied to any period of human history and to any country or region in the world.

Valerio Montanari



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