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The first article published on Hochpunkt Magazine, explaining the purpose of the project. Published on 15.10.2015 on

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Hochpunkt Magazine was a German online newspaper I founded in 2015, with a focus on politics and society. The idea was to produce reports through three main objectives:

  • Not to rival with mainstream media, but to complete it: Pursue stories that German media only cares little about due to the lack of broad popularity. In practice that meant to pick up a small, but particular article about a minor topic published by a major newspaper and take the opportunity to start more extensive research and provide the small, but actually interested part of the readership with more comprehensive information.
  • Take the focus off European and especially German subjects by covering political and social matters from parts of the World that normally experience little attention in German media, i.e. Sub-Saharan Africa, precisely doing so by closely following local media from the respective country.
  • Discuss topics without restraints of Page Views (PV), click-through-rates (CTR), article length restrictions or similar, and to deliver expert information and discussion on questions of political, legal and scientific significance to the reader.

Though I am still convinced by this project, I shut down the website after a few months – mainly because I had underestimated the amount of work necessary for this kind of project, and also due to my lack of professional and technical experience. In addition to that, I struggled to find regular contributors so that at a certain point I was not able to continue this project all by myself. On the upside, I learned that organisation and preparation are the key to success and that I should never rush. This lesson has changed how I conduct myself and my work today.



When I was studying in High school, I wanted to become a Professor in History at University level. I had seen the passion and profoundness my mother, a college professor, worked with, and felt the same way about history as she does about her subjects. During my studies, I came to realise that I was not happy at university. So instead of continuing onto obtaining a PhD in History, I left this childhood dream behind and left university with a Bachelor’s degree.


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