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My name is Valerio Montanari and I am a young journalist from Germany. I created this website to promote my work and introduce myself to the curious visitors of my homepage.


My father, an italian immigrant, was editor-in-chief of the Corriere d'Italia, a catholic newspaper for the italian community in Germany, so I was introduced to print journalism at a young age - for example I remember that, when I was in elementary school, I interned for a week in his editorial office. During high school, I freelanced for the Corriere d'Italia and wrote about topics that were of importance for fellow teenagers, like school or extracurricular activities. Some of my articles made it to media outlets I had no family ties to, for instance the Evangelische Zeitung in 2012 and 2013.


During my studies in Heidelberg University where I graduated with a B.A. in History and Political Science in 2016, I explored different professional fields: Interning at the German parliament, the regional newspaper Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, several research facilities and Friends of the Earth in Accra, Ghana.


Continuing this search, I moved to France to find further inspiration.

Since January 2017 I live in Lyon and work for a company that organizes truck breakdown services in Europe.


It was during my first year in France that I realized that I don't want to publish in German anymore and switch to English. So I use my free time to research, write, and publish, pursuing my goal of one day being able to make a living from it.

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